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Projects / IDA/DOSBox plugin patches
Patches for idados project.

The following patches adds a workaround for mingw/win32 and IDA 6.1.
Also, this patches adds:
  • some bug fixes
  • dosbox debugger commands from IDA with SendDbgCommand function
  • new dosbox debugger command BPINT3 - enables debugger stop on CCh opcode
  • new dosbox debugger command BPEP - enables debugger stop on EP of new process started with INT 21,4B
DOS4G applications debugging support are planned.

idados sources from git repository idados-master.zip  dosbox-idados.zip
main patches  dosbox-idados.diff  idados-master.diff
IDA 6.1 patches  dosbox-idados61.diff  idados-master61.diff  idasdk61.diff
patched dosbox win32 and IDA 6.3 plugin  dosbox_win32_bin.zip

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